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Fronteers 2019 - Day 1

October 03, 2019

Porteneuve - ES proxies

  • Porteneuve organises Dot.js, Paris, December
  • Reflect API - Low level JS API similar to proxies
  • Proxies
  • Note to self: can proxies be used to correct the min/max filters?
  • Again somebody is super enthusiastic about Immer. There’s an Egghead course as well.

Always bet on JS

Joubran - App like PWA’s

To mimic an app:


  • animation-delay=-2s can have a negative value so the animation looks like it has started in the past already
  • An input can be :valid and :invalid
  • React vs web components by Paul Lewis
  • Custom elements (web components) do not always play well together with the modern JS libraries:

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